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(revision 2.5, for legal reasons)


We are smart! Well, sometimes smart people don’t do such smart things. So for the love of god, don't try to attempt or re-create what we do! We are creative enough to come up with our own content; no matter how pointless it is. We are NOT a charity, nor will we donate any funds raised to charities. We are creative yet stupid, but we ask people to stop full-on swiping material without giving us the proper credit we deserve. Again, we are all smart, crazy, and creative at the same time. So please, do NOT attempt to recreate anything we've done as we would not want you to hurt yourselves or those around you. If you do decide to be stupid and destroy something, please make sure you wear protection and make sure to properly recycle the broken equipment at your local certified e-Waste recycling facility. Most of all, wear protection! By watching these videos we produce, you agree to these limited terms stated above.

- The SmashSomeStuff Crew

2016: The SmashSomeStuff Project was retired in the Summer of 2009. This site lives on as an archive.

Looking for the creator years later? hit him up on Instagram at @heyitsJK

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